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Occurs on Saturday August 21 2021

Approximate running time: 2 hours


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Virtual Stage
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Comedy Writing – Virtual 10am-12pm How to think, write, speak, create, and be funnier. Explore creative processes, tips & tricks that open new pathways to comedic communication, whatever your medium.

Participants will:

Explore basic comedic elements, like “yes and”, pattern, and game Understand different types of comedic styles and structures, such as “reversal of expectation”, “escalation”, “spoof”, and more Breakdown ways to heighten and explore concepts and topics This workshop is perfect for anyone wishing to develop a comedic voice that is relevant, witty, joyful, and truly their own; for sketch-comedians, playwrights, screenwriters, stand-ups, fine artists, podcasters, journalists, corporate presenters, or anyone who wants to heighten the humor their communication.

All experience levels and creative (or non-creative backgrounds) welcome.

Instructor TBA $25

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