poster for Laugh Pass 2021

RETURN OF THE LAUGHS! with American Stage Improv

August 20-21, 2021

Are you sitting down for this great news? We’ve had fun performing and playing on screens and outside, but now we’re ready to LOL together again at the theatre! Imagine it: a group of humans laughing at a group of humans, who are laughing! RETURN OF THE LAUGHS is full day of events celebrating everything that makes us giddy with excitement, chortle with glee, and guffaw with joy. Choose your own adventure from 2 improv showtimes, plus a variety of workshops, and a panel conversation with some of Tampa Bay’s most unique and hilarious artists.Join us for the first of many more laughs! We’ll make sure the theatre is squeaky clean… now as for the comedy, we’ll leave that up to you 😉

Details & Tickets

4 Improv Teams, 4 Workshops, Infinite Laughs!

Each pass is $90, plus $8 handling fee